Daniel Sosebee's Portfolio

Digital Abacus Testimonial

From Paul Dancstep:

In the Spring of 2023 I was finishing production on a web-based visual programming environment. My team had been developing the backend for two years and now we needed someone with strong programming and design skills to build out the public-facing UI. We had already worked with two javascript developers, but felt we needed someone with a stronger skill set than we had found in those cases.

I feel very lucky to have met and hired Daniel Sosebee to help us complete this project. The technical overhead was steep but Daniel very capably got his head around our crazy data structures and quickly began bringing them to life. I often describe the period before Daniel as “a bunch of academics moving boulders around.” Afterwards it was like “magic hands,” with many things moving quickly and effortlessly into place. Daniel is extremely easy to work with and highly collaborative, serenely working through long and often grueling pair-programming sessions. He comes up with lots of ideas and has good judgment about when to let them go and when to argue his case. He went above and beyond exploring marginal improvements to the UI and frequently sought feedback on his work and his process.

I would strongly recommend Daniel to anyone needing quality web development and intend to hire him myself in the future.